Nothing is worse than getting friends or family home and the right plate or bowl for your snacks are in the dishwasher. Happened. Attractive and clever cups, tins, shakers or even multi-chamber-trays supporting the consumers to make their choice in the front of the snack-shelf in the supermarket.

Here we are - carrying the most advanced denester when peanuts, potato-chips or crackers need to be placed precise and with care into the shakers, tins or multi-chamber-trays. 


What you will need for your business?


Step 1: Smart Tool

The Smart Tool is the heart of any INTRAY denester, it keeps denesting your trays as long as you fill it with trays. How many portions with your product do you need to denest per minute - 10, 40, 90 or 150? No problem for the Smart Tool. It keeps denesting until you finished your production

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Step 2: Choose your solution

Choose the INTRAY solution that fits your production.


Smart Stand

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If you are looking for an easy way to simply denest your trays directly onto a conveyor for further production, a Smart Stand will be your smartest choice. Simply place a stack of trays into the Smart Stand, press "Start" and the Smart Stand will do the rest of the work. Fast easy and clean. If your production demands up to 40 trays/min*, we recommend the Smart Stand.




* Depending on tray type


Buffer Stand

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If you are in need of a simple design with a high level of efficiency, you should consider our Buffer Stand: not only do you get an easy design, you can also load the denester with more stacks of trays, which simplifies your job as a producer of snacky products, as you only have to fill in new trays on the buffer when you do not have more trays on the buffer. Fast, easy and clean. If your production demands up to 160 trays/min*, we recommend the Buffer Stand.


Step 3: Good to have - Smart Trolley

Optional additions for your workflow.

Having more Smart Tools at a time can be a too much of a handful. We developed the Smart Trolley for your easy handling of up to 3 Smart Tools at a time. Place the Smart Tools in the Smart Trolley whenever needed, move them easily around and park them safely whereever needed thanks to the safety-locks on the wheels. That's fast, easy and clean.

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Step 4: Nice to have - Smart Washer

Optional additions for your workflow.

Who wouldn't be happy to have others do the cleaning or simply have a machine doing the work. Take advantage of the Smart Washer that is able to clean up to 3 Smart Tools at a time. Simply place the Smart Tools in the Smart Trolley, switch on the water and leave it alone. Take out the cleaned Smart Tools, ready for your bakery production. Fast, easy and clean.

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