The future of denesting

You benefit from tons of hard work into making denesting fit the future standards in effective food production. We bring to market the best possible denesting for you and your production line - INTRAY has several patented solutions for separating, denesting and delivering trays in an industrial production environment.

No matter what your denesting need is - INTRAY is your solution!


The INTRAY range gives you

More space in your production line

INTRAY is extremely compact, even with product-in-tray.

Hygiene is essential

All parts in contact with the trays are easily accessible for industrial cleaning.

Speed like a racecar

INTRAY is able to denest faster than any conveyor can remove the trays.

Time saving tray change

INTRAY is modular. You can swap tray format in less than 2 minutes.

Do it your way

INTRAY has an easy to use control unit, enabling you to change programs in the time it takes you to touch the screen.

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Better work environment

The Smart tool only weighs 12 kg / 26 lbs and can be removed and inserted by your production line personnel without effort.

Reliable output

INTRAY uses servo driven denesting. Consequently, you have complete control of all stages of denesting. INTRAY does not rely on a supply of compressed air, giving you freedom and control in perfect combination.

Quick fix

The Smart Tool is flexible and can be custom-made to a particular tray. You can order spare parts and assemble the Smart Tool yourself. There is no need for a service technician from INTRAY to be present. We just ship the parts and assembly instructions, and your plant technician will effortlessly be able to put it together and have it up and running within the hour.

Danish design - Danish quality

Everything from INTRAY is developed and manufactured at our site in Denmark, where we only choose the best quality materials.